Reinis Berzins

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  1. I am a visual artist from Riga, Latvia (b. 1989). In my art, I seek solutions for how to combine painting, sculpture, and sound into one continuous (metaphysical) sensory form. A form with these different possibilities would be able to communicate between abstraction and our apparent, or constructed realities.

    My works contain a deeper visual research into the ambiguity of representational and non-representational art, elements of absurdity as well as semi-constructed and deconstructed items. Borrowing traces from industrial-made objects and elements from nature and incorporating them into my artwork is a way to reverse the primary source. As is working with purposeful coincidence and transforming pure content into structural form.  

    My practice is deeply rooted in observing relationships in nature and within ourselves, the materiality of paint itself as an unpredictable guide through processes, and the mediation and interpretation of everyday cosmic and metaphysical phenomena.



       +371 2614 6639